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Vision Statement :
 To ensure access, availability and affordability of quality frozen fish to all and to be a significant seafood Company in Nigeria

Mission statement :
To provide quality engineering services using high safety standard for our client


Pakej Seafood Nigeria Limited has been allocated 500MT for the importation of Frozen fish in 2016...

About us- Pakej Seafood Nigeria Limited!

Pakej Seafood Nigeria Limited is wholly indigenous Nigerian company with registration number RC 1167871. 
We engaged in importation, distribution, rearing, harvesting and marketing of cat fish and frozen seafood products.
We possess an in-depth knowledge and purchases directly from seafood source and sustainably whenever possible in order to maintain control over the quality and freshness of our frozen fish targeting Herrings, Sardines, Mackerel, Horse Mackerel and Blue Whiting just to mention a few. We source our product from different part of the coastal regions around the world and utilized certified staff to monitor and inspect product acquisition abroad.

. Pakej Seafood Nigeria Limited has been in the local fish farming since the year 2000. We started with a 100 x 150 feet vast of land with about six concrete ponds that has grown over time to 26 ponds, and a hatching center........

Backed with an advanced 1,000 metric tons cold storage room, equipped with advanced cooling control system and a stand-by 150KVA generator; we are able to store our fish under suitable conditions and temperature. Our highly efficient cold room unit is segregated into different compartment for systematic storage and preservation of our local breed and imported products......

Since the Federl Government of Nigreia made a tariff on all fishery in 2001 from 25% to 5% in 2001. NIgeria has become a major destinarion for imported seafood. The total market demand in Nigeria according to industry sources have grown to more than one million tones per annum, making it the largest market in West Africa in the industry.

Pakej Seafood is a part of this allocation and also major importer of frozen fish. We import different species of fish....

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Ekpan, Delta State.

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