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PAKEJ Corporate Social Policies are based on its core philosophy which is to " improve the quality of life as a catalyst for development.  

The manangent of PAKEJ OIL AND GAS NIGERIA LIMITED shall ensure that as part of their HSE objective to manage all aspects of their work and ensure no lost time and  accident free environment  and shall be involved in the following:

* Providing adequate resources for all HSE related issues and promoting HSE issues in company communities.
*  HSE review meeting shall be held regular basis, with full participation by senior management staff to compare and contrast our actual values with set down HSE targets and areas of divergence shall be corrected immediately.
* Audits, HSE inspections shall be carried out and conducted personally by the MD and other top management staff to check the practicability of our set goals, findings  discussed among workforce and lapses corrected immediately before follow-up audits  and copies given to our clients.


As a matter of policy, PAKEJ OIL AND GAS NIGERIA LIMITED will conduct all of its activities in such a manner that Community Affairs, Health, Safety, Environment and Security will be guaranteed. All persons involved in our operation will be protected. In this regard, we will pay particular attention to the protection of the environment.

Therefore, CASHES matters will be considered and managed in our daily activities as a routinue and will attract the same committment and dedication as production and cost control.

PAKEJ OIL AND GAS NIGERIA LIMITED shall abide by our client's CASHES regulations and practices and shall also keep all the relevant authorities informed of all accidents resulting in LOST TIME INJURIES (LTI) as well as NEARMISS. We shall give total support to awareness programs aimed at improving Safety, Security and Health at work and towards the protection of the environment.


Safety for all is a co-operative venture requiring minute attention of every employee at every level. While we share a responsibility in making ours an injury-free work place, there are many specific responsibilities attached to each job.
'Remember that safety is more a good idea, it must be practiced at work'


The health policy of the company is to preserve and prolong the life of its employees. It is our policy that or personnel must have adequate medical treatment in our retainership ( HIS GLORY CLINIC), 10 Jeddo-Refinery Road, Warri Delta State in case of accidents and injuries that are associated with or activities and to be in healthy condition. At job site we have certified Nurse to render first aid treatment.
Also its mandatory for a personnel before employment to be medically examined fit for the job. Since work may affect the condition of the human body, it is therfore essential that early recognition of health hazard is established, monitored and controlled through the Health Risk Assessment (HRA)  for the project.


* All employees engaged by the company are provided with the client's pass. They will be from time to time be informed of the security risks associated with jobs within the area of our operation.
* Assessment of security implications and impacts are made on continuos basis.
* Properties and Assets are protected.
* Movement should be properly checked while on site.
* Workers only work on areas assigned to us by client's.
* Ensure effective Access Control on site.


It is the policy of PAKEJ OIL AND GAS NIGERIA LIMITED that all activities should be planned and executed in an environmentally safe manner with a view to maximizing adverse environment impact there from. The company therefore strives for continuos environmental improvements in all of its business. (ISO14001 model).
By this policy, the company recognises that there are environmental problems associated with its operations and it is committed to dealing with them. The company promotes and encourages awareness of environmental protection.
In implementing this policy, staff are encouraged to pay appropriate regard to the environment by acting to preserve air, water, soil plants and animals from adverse effects of their actions or those of the subcontractors to minimise any nuisance which may arise from such actions. 

HSE POLICY- Pakej Oil & Gas Ltd!